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Tina Unrue

Founder - Selfish Mama, LLC 

Areas of Expertise

  • Working Moms & Mom Guilt

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Careers in Government

  • Government Contracting Solicitation/Bids

Why I mentor,,,

"What inspires me to pay it forward as a mentor is my desire to empower women to own their power and create a life they actually enjoy and are proud of."

To me, ambition means...

"Ambition to me means pursuing something that calls to you with persistence, regardless of how long it takes."


Tina is a life and mindset coach and the Founder of Selfish Mama. She is dedicated to supporting working mothers who want to reject the status quo and wish to design their life from the inside out. She believes working mothers can have incredible impact and fulfillment when they step into their innate power.


Her nearly 30-year career encompasses private, government and entrepreneurial sectors, and had a predominant focus in IT support, training and curriculum development, and program management support thereof. As an accomplished leader in the workforce and at home, Tina credits authenticity, connection, and empowerment of others as the lynchpins to her success.


Ranked Among Top 1% of FBI Leadership by Direct Reports, 2017

FBI Medal of Excellence Award, 2016

Outstanding Performance, FBI, March 2007

Nominated to Everest Group of McDonald Bradley, Inc, July 2001

Superior Performance, GTE, May 1999

Special Achievement Award, Department of Justice (ENRD), April 1996

Numerous Time-Off and Cash Awards Throughout Government Tenure

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