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  Board Rooms aren't the only place where  
  women's voices are missing.  

Leadership Books Need Women's Voices Too


Best-seller and recommendation lists are packed full of men's voices.

Despite their popularity, women+ simply can't relate to many of the conventional business and leadership books out there.  Their "gold standard" lessons and solutions don't speak to our experiences.  


But finding a woman's+ perspective is hard, and our to-do lists are long. 

Who has the time? 


We bring you business and leadership books written by women+.

Every month we bring you a career-advancing book that will actually help you rise, along with thought-provoking activities to maximize your growth.

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Books by Women
for Women
on the Rise

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A Book Club for Busy Women

Everyone loves the feel of a good book in their hands, but we rarely have the time to sit and read.  We're always on the go and need a book club that can keep up with us.

Stop wishing and start reading with our audiobook first approach.  We'll guide you through the transition to audio and help you find time in your busy schedule to listen.

Can't finish the book?  No problem.  Book club discussions are a judgement-free zone. They're also online so come as you are, your life experience qualifies you to participate.

No Fees. No Obligations.


We believe that financial accessibility is key to women's+ rise to top leadership positions.  That's why our book club is now free and open to the public.


If you would like to support our work you can do so buy purchasing books through our affiliate links or buying us a cup of coffee.

Diversity Matters Here

We celebrate the richness of diverse perspectives and showcase the voices of women+ writers from different backgrounds and experiences.

Interested in past books we've read? 

Click our affiliate link below to see some of our past book club selections.

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Join Us

Explore new perspectives and gain valuable insight from accomplished women+. 
An enriching experience in community with ambitious women+ is waiting.

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