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Nicole Maaguo

Founder & CEO - Ambition Unboxed by Cultivate Ink, LLC

Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Success + Fortune 100 Clients

  • Start-ups + Non-Profits

  • Navigating Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Leadership Development

  • Managing Remote Teams

  • High Performing Teams

  • Promotions + Advancement

  • Project + Change Management

  • Software Development + Product Management

  • Demonstrating Value

  • Transformational Goals

  • Reclaiming Your Inner Badass

Why I mentor,,,

"I'm tired of attending professional events where qualified, driven women ask, 'How do I find a mentor?'.  What they are really asking is, 'Who can help me build a successful career as an ambitious woman?'. 


I've watched so many talented women be undervalued and underestimated at work, and I know, first-hand, just how lost you can feel when you don't have other ambitious women in your life that you can go to for guidance.  I want to live in a world where every woman can be wildly successful and I'm here to help build it."        

To me, ambition means...

"To me ambition means being brave enough to dream big and audacious enough to believe that you can make those dreams come true through hard work, growth, and grit."


At her core, Nicole Maaguo is a builder.  She helps build companies by bringing clarity and focus to tech stacks through strategic execution.  As a Tech Leader, Nicole has helped build non-profits, associations, startups, and Fortune 100 companies by bridging the customer/developer divide and imbuing customer success principles into technology teams and business practices.  She excels at building teams that can accomplish the seemingly impossible and unlocking value-driven growth.   

In 2019, Nicole added a new focus to her work: helping other ambitious women build their careers.  By creating Ambition Unboxed, Nicole's bringing her creative problem-solving to the unique challenges women face that far too often stall careers.  Challenges including workplace sexism, mentor-drought, and that critical voice in our own head.  She's on a mission to help women see and embrace the inherent beauty in their ambition while building the supportive community we need to thrive and more fully step into our potential.

Nicole has a Master's in Information Systems Management (MISM) and a Master's in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management (both earned in the evening with toddlers in tow) and a Bachelor's in International Affairs with a Minor in Economics from The George Washington University.  She also spent a semester in Kampala, Uganda, focused on Development Studies through the School for International Training and a semester in Nantes, France, studying French language and culture through the Institute for the International Education of Students.


Shortlisted: Industry Era "10 Most Influential Leaders of 2022", 2022

Shortlisted: Industry Era "10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders of 2021", 2021

Featured in the book Unlocking the Opportunity by Elise Stevens, 2020

Shortlisted: "Top 50 Tech Visionary" by Intercon, 2020

Nominated: "Technology Elite Award" by US Business News, 2019

Featured Finalist for DC Startup Week WeDC Fest Innovation Marketplace, 2018

Numerous Project Management and Client Service Awards Throughout Her Career

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