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Ambition Out Loud: Get Hired Challenge

Bonus: Get Hired Challenge By now we are all well aware that many women felt trapped between a rock and a hard place as the coronavirus spread and dependent care responsibilities increased. In the face of these unsustainable challenges, many women felt that they had no other choice than to leave the workplace. If this sounds like you and you're now ready to re-enter the workforce, then we’re here to help.

Ambition Out Loud with Dr. Traci Baxley

S2EP3: Diversity, Belonging, and 'Black is King' with Dr. Traci Baxley Consider this episode your intro course in diversity and inclusion training. I know you've got questions and Dr. Traci Baxley has the answers. Dr. Baxley is a belonging and inclusion advocate supporting organizations in developing inclusive workplace practices through her consultancy, Traci Baxley Consulting. She is also the creator of Social Justice Parenting™.

Ambition Out Loud with Roya Mattis

S2EP2: Make Confidence Your Superpower with Roya Mattis Roya Mattis is a lot of things: self-made millionaire, motivational speaker, National Sales Director, and now movement builder. While highly accomplished, one of the most noticeable things about her is that she radiates confidence. In fact, confidence is one of her superpowers but it wasn't always. Roya shares her journey from eating alone to inspiring thousands and the steps she took to get there.

Ambition Out Loud with Kim Fredrich

S2EP1: Ditch the Slime and Learn to Sell with Kim Fredrich No pushy salesperson, Kim Fredrich is a sales for non-salespeople expert, speaker and trainer. She helps businesses increase profit and individuals find their sales confidence so everyone be more successful. In this episode we untangle our faulty assumptions about selling and discuss why women need to be more intentional about developing sales skills.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 9

S1EP9: Accidentally Ambitious with Marcia Sheehan Marcia Sheehan is a serial-entrepreneur on a mission to help women prioritize self-care, but she wasn't always so ambitious. In this episode we'll explore her unlikely path to business owner, why embracing her ambition has made all the difference, and introduce you to the idea of self-care staycations! Marcia's businesses include Her Hideaways, The Connector Conference, and Charmed Cardinals.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 8

S1EP8: Your Pick of Job Offers with Karlie Shields Everyone hates looking for a job. If only great jobs came to you... That would be awesome! (In the same way that unicorns are awesome - right?) Karlie Shields is a digital marketing expert who leveraged her on-the-job skills to become a recruiter magnet and land multiple job offers. She's sharing her secrets so that you can magnetize your next job search. Then again, if landing offers can be this easy, why wait?

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 007

S1EP7: MeToo & Creating an Aligned Life with Katherine Liola Katherine Liola is the Founder & CEO of Concentric Private Wealth. In this episode, we discuss her experience with sexual harassment in the financial services industry, why she ultimately left to start her own company, and the importance of creating a life aligned with your values.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 006

S1EP6: Two Career Journeys, One Hit Podcast with Pantsuit Politics Today we're talking with Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, hosts of the hit bipartisan podcast Pantsuit Politics. Sarah and Beth share their biggest career lessons and teach us how grace can better equip us to handle difficult conversations.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 005

S1EP5: 7 Mindset Shifts to Leave Less $$$ on the Table In this episode we dive into surprising details about the state of the gender pay gap in the United States and discuss 7 mindset shifts you can make to leave less money on the table.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 004

S1EP4: Feel Good Work! with Sarah Vermunt Sarah Vermunt is the Founder of Careergasm and the author of Careergasm and Career Rookie. We're talking about what poor job/fit looks like and how to pivot into work that actually feels good.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 003

S1EP3: Navigating the Good 'Ole Boy Club Bull with Meg Sytnick Meg Sytnick is a successful entrepreneur, travel expert, and philanthropist. She founded her company in 2004. In this episode, Meg shares her experience navigating the good 'ole boys club bull in her career and provides advice to help you do the same.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 002

S1EP2: How to Be Your Authentic Self at Work with Mel McSherry Mel McSherry is an International Business Development Coach and Speaker. She predominantly works with women business owners who are exhausted and overwhelmed by what they think they need to do in order to be successful. In this episode, we dive into why women often modify their personality to succeed at work, how easy it can be to lose yourself in this game, and how to reconnect with, and be, your authentic self.

Ambition Out Loud, Episode 001

S1EP1: Using the A-Word In episode one, we kick things off with a candid conversation about what it means to be an ambitious woman and why so many women avoid using the a-word... ambitious!

Ambition Out Loud Trailer

Trailer Ambition Out Loud is new podcast by the creators of the women's leadership program, Ambition Unboxed. This podcast is for driven women looking for help navigating rubber-meets-the-road challenges women face in the workplace. We've got real world stories so you don't have to feel alone (and no, you're definitely not crazy!), and practical advice to help you overcome these challenges and advance your career.


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