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Nicole Maaguo

Founder and CEO

Nicole believes that customers are everything.  Helping customers achieve positive ROI on their investments is not only the right thing to do, it's good business.  That's why she was an early champion of the Customer Success movement.  She Co-founded PulseLocal Chicago in 2015 to help more companies realize the bottom line benefits that come from focusing on customer outcomes. 

Nicole has 18+ years experience in technical Project Management, Product Development, Go-To-Market, and Customer Success serving international associations, software companies, and Fortune 100 companies. She has been fortunate enough to serve household names including JP Morgan Chase, Rotary International, and Wyndham Worldwide to name a few.  She founded Cultivate Ink in 2017.  

Nicole has a Master's in Information Systems Management (MISM) and a Master's in Project Management (MPM) from Keller Graduate School of Management, and a Bachelor's Degree in International Affairs with a Minor in Economics from The George Washington University.

Cultivate Ink truly understands how to put customers first.  Nicole will go to bat internally to ensure corporate priorities align with customer interests.  She is also patient with customers when needed and helps them uncover new insights about their business.        

Karlie Shields

Marketing Manager

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