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People have started to notice that similarities exist between Customer Success Manager (CSM) roles and Project Manager (PM) roles.  This is especially true when you consider a CSM's on-boarding responsibilities and the CSM's need to foster inter-departmental relationships in order to get things done for the customer.  Given these similarities, the...

With 90's nostalgia at an all-time high you would think that Toys 'R Us would be a enjoying a slight upswing.  Not so.  Early this year Toys 'R Us announced 180 stores closing and they have now announced that the remaining 620 stores will be closed or sold off  

It seems that most people are blaming Amazon for the toy giant's demise.  They fi...

In January 2003, as most students were returning from winter break, I was sitting on the tarmac waiting for my life to change.  As the plane pushed back from the gate my heart was bursting with an uncomfortable mix of excitement and fear.  I was on my way to Kampala, Uganda.  Aside from its notorious past under Idi Amin, this was a country with whi...

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