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We operate in an increasingly complex world.

Today's leaders must rise to the challenges of economic uncertainty, unprecedented technological change, and deepening social divisions. 


All while building and motivating diverse, empathetic, and collaborative teams.


Outdated leadership models based on exclusionary and controlling practices offer little help in our modern landscape.  It all begs the question...

Can we trust our ability to lead in a world where no one has all the answers?

The Evolved Leader Workshop will show you how.

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e·volve·d  lead·er


a person who navigates change by leading from the inside out

Evolved Leadership Looks Like:

Boundaries & Empathy

Accountability & Compassion

Productivity & Humanity

Opportunities in Chaos

Authenticity & Discernment

Your Guides

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Tina is an ICF-certified coach with nearly three decades of experience spanning the federal government, private sector, and entrepreneurship. She’s held many positions throughout her career, most notably varied leadership roles within an elite law enforcement agency. Tina noticed a significant change in herself and her team dynamics after she became a life coach. She’s now committed to helping other women learn how to lead from the inside out, both at home and in the workplace. Despite numerous achievements throughout her career, her roles as mother, grandmother, wife, and friend are her most prized. In her spare time, Tina enjoys photography, reading, baking, and hiking, as well as lots and lots of coffee.

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Nicole Maaguo is a passionate advocate for women+ embracing their ambition.  Why?  Because the world needs more women+ in leadership, and it's abundantly clear that the status quo won't get us there. 

As a woman in tech, Nicole has driven innovation at Fortune 100 companies, Forbes Top 100 charities, and served multiple start-ups that went on to successful exit.  Over the course of her tech career, Nicole grew tired of watching talented women be routinely undervalued and underestimated.  Now, as the Founder of Ambition Unboxed, she advances women in leadership by providing critical resources and support to mitigate the barriers women face as we rise. 

The Venue

Cowo & Crèche - Coworking with Childcare in Alexandria, VA

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