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Our career accelerator program combines

4 key ingredients to help you find clarity, focus, and direction so that you achieve the dream faster.

Working Remotely
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We all know that building a strong network has the potential to pay lifetime dividends, but traditional networking can feel uncomfortable, superficial, and self-serving.  As a result, traditional networking events are often hit or miss which can start to feel like a complete waste of time.


Our approach puts the focus back on relationship building where it always should have been.  We facilitate the introductions and provide conversation prompts so that you leave our networking nights actually getting to know a few awesome women instead of collecting business contacts that you may never speak to again. 


Over the course of a 3-month session you will meet like-minded women, spark real professional connections, and make biz friends who are rooting for your success.



Every time we hear an ambitious women raise her hand at a professional event to ask how she can find a mentor our hearts break a little.

Ambitious women are facing a mentor-drought.  The fact is that fewer women have made it to top leadership positions.  That puts enormous pressure on those at the top to mentor the vast base of women still climbing.  It's a basic supply and demand problem.


Male mentors can help fill this gap, and should not be discounted, but men are simply not well equipped to advise women on how to navigate the family responsibilities that working mothers face, the microaggressions that nearly all women face, or any of the multitude of other challenges men in positions of power are unlikely to ever experience.

The Career Cohorts program provides you with direct access to mentors with a wide-range of backgrounds and expertise and new mentors will be added as the program grows.


As a Cohort member, every month you will have the opportunity to pair up with the mentor best suited to provide guidance based on your questions/challenges for a one-on-one conversation.  Our mentors have also committed to following up with you after each Mentor Q&A to answer follow-up questions and check-in on your progress.

Collaborating at Work
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As an ambitious woman you will run into situations you never imagined and that you are not quite sure how to handle.  You'll also have periods where you feel tired and discouraged.  Not to be a downer, that's just the real world.

Neither of these situations are meant to be handled alone.  Our monthly Career Mastermind provides an intimate space for sharing challenges, group brainstorming to overcome them, and finding support and strength for those extra tough times.

Even the grittiest among us draws strength from others when needed.  You are smart, strong, and capable.  With the right group behind your, there is nothing you can't do.


Book Club

Sometimes finding a woman's perspective can feel impossible, especially if you work in a male-dominated industry.


Best-seller lists and popular book recommendations are likewise packed full of men's voices.  Finding business and professional development books written by women often requires setting aside extra time to intentionally seek them out.


Too much male advice can drown out your own thoughts, shrink your view of what is possible, and begin to feel entirely disconnected from your own reality.  Following that advice, while well intentioned, can begin to feel disingenuous and ill-suited to the challenges we face as ambitious women.  

Sometimes you just want to learn from women who have been there.


Our monthly book club gives you a leg up through business and leadership books written by women.  We'll dive into topics like how to negotiate a higher salary, what it means to lead without the title or power, and how to advance by breaking a little glass yourself.


Our book club is structured to survive the real world.  While we all love the feel of a physical book, getting through an audiobook every month is often far more realistic - so we let you pick the format (physical or audiobook) that works best for you.  Book club discussions are a shade-free zone meaning that all Cohort members are welcome to participate even if you've just started the book.  We're all about progress over perfection and you're already a student of life with plenty to contribute!        

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Session One:

March 15th - June 6th

Session Three: February 2022

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Find Support to Accelerate Your Career

AU Career Cohort memberships range from $145 - $1,050.  Your 3-month commitment ensures quality bonding time to build real and meaningful relationships.  

"Rising Leader" Member Level  Includes ($145):

  • Digital Welcome Kit

  • 1:1 Mentor Q&A (monthly)

  • Women's Leadership Book Club (monthly)

  • Choice of Physical or Audiobook

  • Recommended Reading/Listening Schedule

  • Access to Members-only Facebook Group 

  • 1:1 Goal Planning Call & Progress Tracking Template (digital download)

  • FB Group Accountability Posts

  • Financial Support for a Non-Profit Benefitting Women & Children

"Leader" and "Ceiling Breaker" member level benefits will be announced soon.  In addition to the "Rising Leader" benefits above, these levels also include:

  • Mastermind (monthly)

  • Facilitated Member Networking (monthly)